about us


operates from the idea through the finest construction to the final touch

smallna has been a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary company since 2008

small studio run by piotr płoski at smolna street was the begining of smallna company that has become recognizable design brand dealing on countless fields

our team focuses on design & build services for demanding clients. we love implementing custom solutions on high-end level

smallna has created a vintage gallery with contemporary, modern and outstanding furniture, lighting, chairs and miscellaneous objects

in the smallna collection you will find a wide selection of collectibles ranging from art deco, through bauhaus, mid-century modern, space age, postmodern and digital era design to the latest technologies, we immerse ourselves in the last 10 decades of industrial design

classic chairs and rare pieces, oversized sculptural lighting and models in mini scale, custom furniture and transformobilia, hundreds inspiring objects in smallna gallery and exhibitions to admire

the founder’s passion is creating both light installations and conceptual objects 

combining art, design and architecture with bold ideas is the way of thinking that you will discover in our projects

our services


design & build

project management

no limits projects

image building

added values creation

press & media appearance